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New Laws Permit Courts to Restrict and Seal First Offender Records and Documents, Etc.

Two new Laws, effective July 2016, provide that Courts may now:

  • Retroactively remove a person's old criminal conviction (entered before July 1, 2016) and convert it to a pre-adjudication First Offender disposition (non-conviction).
  • At the time the Court sentences a person as a First Offender, the person's First Offender records and documents, etc. to be restricted and sealed from public access.
  • After a person completes a First Offender sentence without an adjudication of guilt and the Court Grants a full discharge and exoneration of guilty, order the person's First Offender Records and documents to be sealed from public access and restricted.

See Georgia Code Annotated §§42-8-62.1 and 42-8-66.