About Facilities Management

Dougherty County Facilities Management Team Group Picture of Staff

The Dougherty County Facilities Management department is responsible for the maintenance, grounds and landscaping of several facilities within the City of Albany and Dougherty County. With a staff of nearly 30 employees, the diversity of skills among the Facilities Management department empowers them to effectively manage properties within the City and County.

The Facilities Management department maintains the grounds and provides the beautiful landscaping at River Front Park and the Festival Springs Fountain, which is a zero-depth pool.

Facilities Management oversees the maintenance, renovations, lifecycle analysis, allocation of space, property and project management, and overall custodial services of approximately 57 structures, encompassing 1.32 million square feet. Some of those facilities include the East and West Parking Decks, all Emergency Management Services (EMS) stations, libraries, the Department of Public Health, the Dougherty County Police, Public Works structures, and County Fire Stations, just to name a few.

All Building Superintendents for Dougherty County Facilities Management are well-versed in general repair, plumbing, heating/ventilation and air conditioning, and electrical installation and repair. They monitor various contracts, including elevator, chiller and generator preventative/corrective maintenance, as well as termite bonds on all structures. With two technicians on staff as carpenters for County Buildings who are responsible for general repairs and renovations, these individuals also assist with Voter Registration and Elections equipment and handle the removal and transport of surplus equipment for the County.

The Custodial Department is responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of numerous structures in Dougherty County, encompassing a total of 619,985 square feet daily. They also assist the Voter Registration and Elections Board with voting equipment delivery, set-up, take-down, and storage of all voting equipment to each voting precinct in Albany and Dougherty County for each election. In addition, one custodian serves before each election to work as a technician to calibrate the voting machines, which ensures all voting machines are loaded with the correct software. Two technicians assist the custodian staff with voter registration and elections equipment.

The Facilities Management department is also responsible for the safe storage and removal and transport of Dougherty County Records and Archives. Working closely with Thronateeska Heritage Center, they work to ensure the archived records are housed and destroyed as mandated by State Law with the State of Georgia Records and Archives Board.



Employee spraying down surface to clean

Dougherty County Facilities Management Custodial Services

Dougherty County Facilities Management's Custodial Services' mission is to provide clean presentable facilities that leave a positive lasting impression.

Routine Cleaning

  • Daily cleaning by the custodial crew begins at 6 a.m.
  • Increase cleaning performed by the custodial crew at their assigned work locations

Enhanced cleaning

  • Increased cleaning of frequently touched areas throughout the day
  • All areas cleaned by the custodial staff at least twice per day
  • All departments receive one bottle of disinfecting cleaner to use in between custodial cleanings
  • After hours detailing cleaning scheduled regularly to allow for complete disinfection of high traffic areas

Contamination cleaning

  • Fogging after hours, if there is a contamination
  • After hours detailing scheduled as needed, if there is a contamination