About the Superior Court


The Superior Court of Dougherty County is the highest level trial court. With exclusive jurisdiction in felony cases, cases respecting title to land, divorce cases and equity cases, the Court’s daily functions involve holding hearings in cases pending before the Court, conducting bench and jury trials and handling the administrative aspects of the Court.

Hearings for the Superior Court must be scheduled at the request of the attorneys representing parties to law suits, and must be issued at the hearings, trial dates must be set, judgments must be entered, and sentences must be imposed and executed as part of the ordinary business of the Court in handling its annual caseload of approximately 4950 cases.

The Court is also responsible for overseeing all other courts in Dougherty County to insure that indigents are provided with legal counsel in criminal proceedings. They also oversee the operation of the Dougherty County Law Library, appoint Jury Commissioners, and provide juries with their necessities.