About the District Attorney

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Gregory W. Edwards serves as the District Attorney for Dougherty County. The District Attorney’s office exists to prosecute those charged with criminal violations occurring in the Dougherty Judicial Circuit. The District Attorney, supported by his office staff, represents the State in their legal remedies, when the State is involved in certain civil actions.

The District Attorney’s office attends pre-trial hearings, grand jury sessions, trials in Superior, State and Juvenile Courts; prepares indictments for the Grand Jury and prepares accusations for filing in order to bring cases to trial. The office also handles all past conviction appeals.

The District Attorney prosecutes fully those who, according to the best evidence available, have committed criminal violations. Serving in the interest of the people, the District Attorney must also protect the victims of crimes.

The District Attorney’s office is located in the Judicial Building at 225 Pine Avenue, Suite 231, Albany, Georgia. They can be reached at 229.431.3233.

Gregory W. Edwards, District Attorney

Gregory W. Edwards, District Attorney