About Human Resources

The Dougherty County Human Resources Department is responsible for all applicant services for individuals seeking employment opportunities with the County. In addition to providing a full range of personnel services for approximately 650 employees in the County, the Human Resources Department is also responsible for providing Job Information/Recruitment, Classification/Compensation, Benefits Information/Administration, Training/Safety, and Employee/Employer Relations functions.

The Job Information/Recruitment function provides for internal, as well as external access to job vacancy information. In the cases of job categories more difficult to fill, the Human Resources Department holds specialized recruitment activities designed specifically for the needs of the department with the vacancy. Equal employment opportunity provisions and affirmative action efforts are always included.

The Classification/Compensation function provides for an equitable system of classifying positions within the county system. To ensure a fair system of compensation, each job is evaluated on the basis of both external and internal worth. To promote greater objectivity in this process, the Human Resources Department utilizes the services of personnel consultants form the Regional Development Center in Camilla, Georgia, as well as private sources.

The Benefits Information/Administration function provides for an up-to-date review of the benefits offered through county employment. Through new employee orientation sessions and employee updates, individuals are provided with the opportunity to receive information on those benefits directly affecting them. The benefits package includes Health, Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance; Retirement Plan; Deferred Compensation; Annual and Sick Leave; Long-Term Disability; Merit Increases; Dental Plan; Workers’ Compensation; Credit Union; and a Sick Leave Bank.

The Training/Safety function allows for an opportunity for professional and personal development. Using in-house personnel and outside consultants, the training utilizes a wide variety of developmental activities, which are geared toward preparing county employees for the challenges of the future. Through an eye toward risk management and cost containment, the safety process alerts managers and employees to simple, yet potentially costly areas, often overlooked in day-to-day operations.

The Employee/Employer Relations function addresses the need for an environment of open and honest communication, which assists both the supervisor and the employee in facilitating a better understanding of workplace relationships. The overall goal is to foster a “team-work” attitude, which allows for input at every level, with appropriate recognition and reward for that input.

HR Director: Erica Potts

Contact Information:

222 Pine Avenue, Ste 340

Albany, GA 31701

Phone: (229) 431-2122

Fax: (229) 434-2662