More Information Regarding the "Tax Increase" Notice

Is the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners increasing the millage rate?

  • NO. The proposed millage rates for the Countywide Digest (15.569) and the Special Services Digest (9.173) will remain the same.

If the County Commission is not increasing the millage rates, then why is it advertising a “tax increase”?

  • The valuation of the taxable real property in Dougherty County has increased due to the reassessments. Because of the increase, the County Commission is required by State law to advertise it as a “tax increase”, even when the millage rate remains the same.

If the tax assessed value of my property is the same as last year, will I pay more in property taxes this year?

  • No. If your property value is the same as last year, the amount of taxes you pay will remain the same.