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March 3, 2023


Wendy Howell

Public Information Officer

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DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA – At the February 24, 2023 meeting of the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission (SWGRC), Dougherty County District 6 Commissioner, Anthony Jones, began serving as Chairman. Jones succeeds Colquitt County Commissioner, Paul Nagy, who served as Chair of the SWGRC for several years.

Being named as a board member of the SWGRC in 2015, Jones has served as Vice Chairman since 2016. As Chairman, he will chair Executive Committee meetings and preside over monthly meetings. He will also be responsible for appointing committees and is authorized to authenticate by signature resolutions, contracts, and other documents adopted by the Commission, and will also serve as a member of the board of directors for the Georgia Association of Regional Commissions.

A multi-county agency for the Southwest Georgia region headquartered in Camilla, Georgia, the SWGRC is one of 12 public agencies in the state, created by the Georgia Planning Act, to assist local governments on a regional basis and assist in establishing coordinated and comprehensive planning for the state.

Jones has served as Commissioner for Dougherty County’s District 6 since 2015 and is retired after 24 years of service as 4-H Youth Development Coordinator and County Extension Director for the Dougherty County Extension Service.

 Commissioner Anthony Jones, Dougherty County District 6

Commissioner Anthony Jones, Dougherty County District 6.