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November 8, 2021


Wendy Howell

Public Information Officer


Dougherty County Hits Highest Record with Third COVID-19 Mass Incentive-Based Vaccination Event

More than 1200 Attended to Receive Vaccinations and Boosters

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA – Dougherty County Board of Commissioners held a third incentive-based COVID-19 vaccination event on Saturday, November 6, 2021, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. behind the Albany Civic Center. Partners for the event included Phoebe Putney Health Systems, the Southwest Georgia Department of Public Health, and Albany Area Primary Health Care, as well as other organizational and individual volunteers, who are scheduled to be present to provide support.

During Saturday’s event, 1,229 attended, with more booster vaccinations being administered over regular vaccinations. With both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and boosters available, 133 received their first Pfizer vaccine, 261 their second Pfizer vaccine, and 250 receiving the Pfizer booster vaccine. For Moderna, 88 received the first vaccine, 32 received the second vaccine, and 445 received the Moderna booster vaccine.

Dougherty County’s first incentive-based vaccination event was held on September 18, 2021, with nearly 540 Dougherty County residents in attendance to receive either their first or second COVID vaccine. The second vaccination event held on October 16, 2021, rendered 875 individuals in attendance to receive first or second vaccination, with more than 60 of those receiving booster vaccines.

“All three vaccinations events we have held rendered a host of Dougherty County citizens receiving vaccines,” said Michael McCoy, Dougherty County Administrator. “We were overwhelmed at the community’s response to this past Saturday’s event and between all three events, we have vaccinated more than 2600 residents.”

Both drive-ups and walk-ups were accepted at Saturday’s event. The entire process from start to finish took less than 25 minutes to complete. This included the 15-minute required observation period, where Dougherty County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) teams were available should a citizen experience any reaction to the vaccination.

For Dougherty County residents who obtained the COVID-19 vaccination or booster on Saturday, they received a $100 debit gift card funded by Dougherty County’s American Rescue Act Plan (ARAP) funds, which nearly $400,000 has been approved so far by the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners to be utilized for a vaccination incentive plan. To qualify, individuals must have been a resident of Dougherty County, 18 years or older, and be prepared to show proof of residence. Students attending colleges in Dougherty County, including Albany State University and Albany Technical College students, also qualified to receive the incentive with valid college identification at the event.

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