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June 6, 2022


Wendy Howell

Public Information Officer

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DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA – During their annual First Responders Recognition Program on Friday, June 3, 2022, the Exchange Club of Albany, Georgia, recognized Candace Adams, as the 2022 Exchange Club Dougherty County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Paramedic of the Year.

Beginning her EMS career at Albany Technical College, Adams transitioned rapidly to an Advanced-EMT level and immediately began treating extremely serious patients in Dougherty County early on. In 2019, she obtained her Georgia Paramedic License and assumed a higher level of patient care.

In December of 2019, Adams found herself faced with providing a patient with STEMI medical care. The patient was discovered to have had 100 percent heart blockage in both the left anterior descending and the distal right coronary artery. Receiving a heart catheterization, the patient was able to return home in just two days and was extremely pleased with how Adams handled the call.

Recently, Adams responded to a shooting call just a few blocks away from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. The gunshot victim was rapidly removed from their automobile and placed in the ambulance. From the time the call was received at 911 Dispatch and the patient delivered to Phoebe and placed in the Trauma Room, was a total of 12 minutes.

Additionally, Adams continuously goes above and beyond in providing quick response and efficient care. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic began in Dougherty County in March of 2020, she treated many positive cases, including the Delta and Omicron patients. In fact, she worked all three county mass vaccination events and due to the overload of citizens stepping up to receive the vaccines, she took a lane of traffic and administered vaccines. During the last vaccination event, she had a new hire trainee working with her.

During Adams’ career with Dougherty County EMS, she has responded and personally treated and cared for over 5,253 patients. Recently, she was promoted to Paramedic Field Training Officer and is responsible for training and new hire staff orientation.

“Candace is highly respected by her peers in the EMS department and is always a positive individual,” said Sam Allen, Dougherty County EMS Director. “She assumes many extra event duties as needed and never complains.”

Adams has been employed with Dougherty County EMS since March of 2018.

Sam Allen, Dougherty County EMS Director, and Candace Adams, Dougherty County EMS Paramedic of the Year Recipient.

Pictured (left to right): Sam Allen, Dougherty County EMS Director, and Candace Adams, Dougherty County EMS Paramedic of the Year Recipient.