More About the ADDU

Mission Statement

The mission of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit is to enforce local, state and federal statues governing the possession, use or distribution of illegal narcotics, prescription or nonprescription and controlled substances through innovative law enforcement tactics.

Vision Statement

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit will be recognized as the model for drug and vice enforcement, through our commitment to education, prevention and effective community partnerships.

Core Values

PROFESSIONALISM: We will conduct ourselves in a manner that gains and keeps the public’s trust and respect. We do what is right not because it brings us personal recognition, but because it is the right thing to do!

INTEGRITY: As a fundamental mandate of our profession, we will conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity that merits the respect of the people we serve. We will act with honesty and transparency in everything we say and do.

RESPECT: We will treat all people, including each other, with fairness and impartiality. We will show empathy for victims and treat suspects with fairness and dignity.

TRUST: We will hold all our employees accountable for their conduct and effective job performance; including quality of work, knowledge and dedication to our mission.

SERVICE: We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to the citizens of our community. We will work in partnership with the community to combat illegal narcotics and enhance their quality of life.