Public Safety Service Projects

Dougherty County EMS provides paramedic (Advanced Life Support) Emergency Medical Services to the community.

With two SWAT medic positions with the Albany/Dougherty SWAT Team, Dougherty County EMS also provides standby services for the Albany Police Department during their new hire physical agility tests throughout the year. This requires the new hire to be tazed for the certification and EMS is on-scene for health and safety issues. Dougherty County EMS also participates in the annual “National Nite Out” with the Albany Police Department and the Dougherty County Police Department to promote police programs in the communities, such as drug prevention, town watch and neighborhood watch and other anti-crime efforts. The departments also give out free school supplies to families with children enrolled in Dougherty County schools to help promote attendance. Dougherty County EMS takes part in both events each year with an ambulance on-site and provides free blood pressure checks, dispenses educational material, and provides a tour for the adults and children through the ambulances, while promoting EMS as a profession.