Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is the unlawful disposal of everything from household trash, yard waste, furniture, junk, construction/demolition materials, and tires in any area other than an approved disposal site. ILLEGAL DUMPING IS A CRIMINAL ACT.

Illegal dumping is not only unsightly, but it’s a serious environmental problem that creates health hazards. Each of us has a responsibility to make sure that scrap tires and debris that we generate are managed in a proper and responsible manner. When you purchase new tires, leave your old tires with the tire retailer, so that they can properly dispose of the old ones. City waste haulers will pick up unwanted appliances, furniture and yard trimmings at no additional charge. Just separate like materials and then place them beside your household waste container. To report information on illegal waste hauling or dumping, call the code enforcement department at 438-3928.

Public awareness, education, and enforcement are the key to addressing this growing problem. It will take a concerted effort on the part of individuals, businesses, and government working together at the grassroots level to effectively deal with illegal dumping.

To assist you in describing the incident you witnessed, the following details outline the type of information that code enforcement officials need.

  1. What happened?
  2. Where did the activity take place? (Name of the highway, road, street or nearest intersection)
  3. When did the activity occur? (Time and date)
  4. What kind of vehicle was involved? (A pick-up truck, dump truck, van, make of vehicle, color, license number)
  5. How many people were in the vehicle? Describe them. (Race, sex, approximate age)
  6. Describe the person who physically did the illegal dumping. (Race, sex, age, weight, height, hair, etc.)

You should NEVER approach anyone you suspect of a criminal act. It is more important for you to provide accurate details of the offense to enforcement officials.