Proper Disposal of Paint

Household paints and solvents contain chemicals that can endanger our health and the environment around us if they are not disposed of PROPERLY.

KADB recommends that you:

  • ONLY purchase the amount of paint that you need. The amount needed can be calculated after determining the number of square feet that you will be painting. If paint is left over, consider applying a second or third coat until all paint is used.
  • Use leftover paint on odd jobs such as closets, the underside of steps, fences, dog houses, attics, etc.
  • Donate useable paint to community outreach groups, schools, churches, theatre groups, or local shelters.
  • Once the steel paint can is EMPTY AND DRY, you may reuse it…place it inside your roll out garbage container for disposal…or if it has NO paint residue you can RECYCLE IT at Albany Recycling Services, 1301 East Gordon Avenue.
  • An alternative for the disposal of LATEX PAINT…remove the paint lid, or leave it on and punch holes in the lid, let the paint sit for two weeks in a dry area to allow the liquid to evaporate. The remaining dry pigments are now solid and ready for disposal. (This process will NOT work with oil base paint.)
  • You can blend LATEX and OIL BASE paints with kitty litter to absorb the paint. Allow to dry completely, then place it inside your roll out garbage container for disposal.
  • Paint thinners, mineral spirits, and turpentine CAN BE REUSED. Place a lid on the container that you cleaned your brushes in…let the paint particles settle to the bottom of the container. After several days pour the liquid through a coffee filter into a clean, closeable container for reuse on a future project.
  • NEVER pour latex or oil base paint on the ground or into a storm drain or catch basin. All materials collected in our drainage systems returns to our water supply…untreated.