Judicial Court Services & Security

Court Services

The Court Services section is part of the Sheriff’s Bonding Division and is comprised of Deputies, and Civilian Bailiffs to staff courtrooms, including Superior Courts, State Courts, Magistrate Courts, and Juvenile Courts. Court Services also staffs a security post at the front lobby of the Courthouse, utilizing a metal detector and x-ray machine to enhance security by detecting unauthorized items. In addition, Court Services provides Deputies for Probate Court, Municipal Court, and several additional courtrooms during special sessions. They also move in-custody inmates from the Regional Youth Detention Center, who are appearing for Juvenile Court and/or Superior Court. Security Officers operate the court, holding cells where inmates are held prior to entering the appropriate courts for trial. Court Security Officers also monitor alarms throughout the Courthouse and Court Deputies may assist the Warrant and Civil Divisions and other agencies, as needed.

Booking, Bonds, and Fines

The Booking, Bonds and Fines section processes all bonds, fingerprinting of walk-in subjects for criminal cases, pre-employment, and various permits. This division also collects monies for citations from various agencies within Dougherty County, collects monies for deposit account fraud/bad check payoffs, and handles warrant dismissals, withdrawals and cash bonds, as needed.

The Bond Administrator is responsible for monitoring bonding activity by private individuals, and professional bonding companies. Liens placed on properties through execution of a “Deed to Secure Debt” with “Power of Sale” and “Writ of Fieri Facias” (FiFa) against bonding companies or persons arising from bond forfeitures are handled in the Bond Administrator’s Office.